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Google Changes SERPs Display for Forums


It looks like Google has just started adding additional information to results from forums in the SERPs. Notice right under the title below where it says:
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President Sarah Palin


The 2008 US Presidential Election is just 3 weeks away. I've been following the election closely and am posting some items here that have been going around the Web lately, starting with a speech by Ronald Reagan:

How to Use Twitter Without Being Annoying

Here are a few tips on how to use Twitter without being annoying.

Drupal Trademark Issues


Dries is asking that people not use the word "Drupal" in domain names. I've started moving all content from DrupalTutorials.com and Drupalzilla.com over to this site. It seems like that is easier than applying for a license because those sites are "not for profit" and I don't want to spend money developing them. It's easier to move the content here.

Drupal Security - the CHANGELOG.txt file


I've been having a lot of problems lately with WordPress sites getting hacked. So far no one has hacked any of my Drupal sites.

10 Top Drupal Sites


Here are 10 examples of top-notch, high profile Drupal Web sites. This post is intended to give a quick example of what is possible with Drupal.

How to Find Your php.ini File


When overriding your php.ini file, it helps to know where your server's current php.ini file is. Just run the following command in the terminal to locate your php.ini file:

Ascii Art Aquarium Screensaver for Linux: Asciiquarium!


I found an interesting ascii aquarium screensaver for Linux terminals called Asciiquarium.

How Flash Cookies Threaten Your Privacy

Web sites are embedding bugs into your computer that track you even after you have cleared your browser's privacy settings.

These bugs are called Flash Cookies, or Local Shared Objects. Web sites use them to track you because they know that most people don't know about them and that they can track you even after you have cleared your privacy settings.

Web sites that use Flash cookies to bypass users' cookie privacy settings should be publicly flogged.

Why VistaPrint Is Creepy

UPDATE: It looks like might be done with Flash cookies - a technique of bypassing a browser user's "clear cookies" preferences. More about Flash cookies here:
"Bypassing user intent like this is scummy, plain & simple."

I agree with that statement.

I followed up this post with a page about Flash cookies.

(For a complete list of updates and comments, please scroll down.)

I went to buy some business cards on Visatprint.com and noticed very weird behavior from the site.

Even though I had logged out, cleared cookies since my last visit to Vistaprint, my name would appear on the home page of the site whenever I visited it.

Here is a screenshot of the home page, with a key to the numbers:

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