Drupal SEO: "404 Ok" and .htaccess

NOTE: This tutorial is no longer current. Please see the Drupal SEO Tutorial for current information on Drupal 5 and Drupal 6.

There are two problems in Drupal 4.7 that may cause problems with search engine spiders.

Drupal .htaccess: Redirecting to www

Tip: .htaccess is only used with Drupal on Apache server. If you are using Windows and want to install Apache, try Apache2triad which includes Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and much more. Apache2triad installs with a double-click. You can run Drupal on IIS, but I don't think it's a good idea.

If you don't know what URL canonicalization is, read this first.

Liferea: an RSS Feed Reader for Linux (GNOME)

If you use Linux and are looking for a good desktop feed reader for GNOME, try Liferea. RSS (or Atom) is a great way to keep track of when web sites are updated.

If you are using KDE, a good desktop feed reader is Akregator.

Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List

Scott Hanselman's blog has a great list of power tools. It looks like most of them are for Windows only, but if you are a Windows user it is a very useful list.

Linux Cookbook: Online Reading About How to Use Linux


The Linux Cookbook is a printed book about Linux that is also available for reading online. Here is an interesting chapter about how to navigate through the Linux file system. Interesting reading.

Using Linux for Web Design and Development (Ubuntu)

[Note: to install the following programs on Ubuntu, make sure that you have the Universe repository enabled. You can either use the terminal, or Synaptic. For more information on how to install software on Ubuntu, see this article. Generally you can just type the following in the terminal: sudo apt-get install program.]

How to Convert Code to HTML With Vim

If you have a code snippet that you want to convert to HTML for posting on the web, you can use Vim, or one of the Vim derivatives such as gVim or Cream.

Just put Vim into normal mode. Generally, that means pressing the ESC key. Then type the following command:


Web Design Tips and Tutorials

I found an interesting list of web design links at

Also check out the excellent reference page, the web developer's handbook, and the accompanying blog.

Why Don't You Need to Defragment a Linux Hard Drive?


I found an interesting article on why Linux doesn't need defragmenting. To summarize, Windows puts files next to each other which means that when you modify a file, it often fragments. Linux file systems leave space between the files, reducing the change of fragmentation.

Check out the article because it does a great job of explaining it.

Good CSS Editors for Linux (Ubuntu)

There are many good CSS editors for Linux. Basically, all you really need is a text editor that will perform syntax highlighting on CSS files. Some of the programs below are just simple text editors, while some offer additional features.

How to Surf Faster With Firefox

In previous posts I've mentioned the Firefox cheat sheet, and some other Firefox keyboard shortcuts. I would like to share another tip to increase your Web browsing speed.

There are a lot of useful option on the Firefox right-click context menu. If you have a lot of Firefox extensions installed, maybe the context menu is getting unwieldy. Here is a screenshot of part of my overgrown context menu:

My Firefox context menu

If you look at the menu options, you can see that many options have a letter underlined. Once you open the context menu by right-clicking, you can just push a letter to execute one of the menu options.

For example, I have a Firefox extension installed called UndoCloseTab. If takes a long time to right-click and then search through that long context menu to find the option for UndoCloseTab. Instead I just just right-click and immediately push the letter u on the keyboard. My last closed tab will then open. If I want to open a link in a new window instead of a new tab, I just right-click on the link and immediately push the w key. (Sometimes opening a web page in a new window instead of a new tab helps you save your place if you have a few dozen tabs open.)

If you learn some of the letter shortcuts for the Firefox right-click context menu it will speed up your browsing.

Some tips I will cover in future posts are:

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