Print to pdf from browser in Ubuntu?

Hi! When I was using windoz I used a great little piece of freeware
called "Cute PDF Writer"

...then I switched to Ubuntu more cute pdf! :>(

Is there a Linux alternative? When I go to print a web page,
the onlyu options other than an actual printer is
"print to page" which produces an unreadable (at least by me!)
document of some sort.

Open Office works fine with OO docs, but I need the ability to
print web pages directly--not just "select all > copy > paste" into
a new OO doc.

Have been unsuccessful at getting WINE to work on my machine, and I
wouldn't even know how to begin installing a 'doz program now...
someday I hope to have VM Ware / Server going and make virtual machines...
mabe then I can use "Cute...", but till then, Im open to your suggestions.




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