TextMate *Can't* Be Ported...

The authors of TextMate need to come clean about why they won't port TextMate to other OSs, instead of making themselves sound like elitests. The *real* reason is that the program is written in OS X's native Cocoa API, which is currently unportable to any other operating system. The closest atttempt to allow for porting is GNUStep which, while it is cool, doesn't support near the number of Cocoa features necessary to port major Cocoa built applications. (To be fair to GNUStep, until more recently they were only interested in supporting the original OpenStep standard that NeXT published, rather than try to keep pace with the *major* changes and additions that Apple has been able to make to the NeXT API since Apple acquire NeXT.)

To be fair to TextMate, it *is* really good. I work at a small start-up company writing Ruby on Rails apps where I was the *only* one doing development on a Mac. Within 6 months, the whole development team dropped their Windows machines and now exclusively run on Macs. Now the *whole* office is planning on making the switch to Macs!

Anyway, I want to thank you for doing the research on a good Ubuntu Ruby on Rails solution. I run an Ubuntu machine (and 2 Macs) at home, and my genius 8 yr old step-son wants to learn Ruby. I wanted to find a good editor for him to use that would be both userfriendly and powerful.


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