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I've tried running Drupal sites on many cheap hosting companies, including ones in the following list. I highly recommend using Site5 hosting for inexpensive Drupal hosting. This Drupal site runs on Site5 hosting and regularly handles several thousand visitors per day without problems.

Other cheap hosting companies that I've installed Drupal on:

  • I've had problems with Bluehost and it's not my first choice for Drupal hosting. I think that Site5 offers more features.
  • Dreamhost — I don't recommend using Dreamhost for Drupal hosting because in my experience my Drupal sites have run very slowly on Dreamhost. Also, Dreamhost does not offer good stats. Site5 includes awstats.
  • GoDaddy — GoDaddy is not a good choice for Drupal hosting. They do not include stats or shell access. In my experiences, their servers have run Drupal very slowly. They severely limit your FTP connections to the point of being nearly unusable.
  • 1and1 — 1and1 is not a good choice for Drupal hosting. Their proprietary server-side stats program is terrible. Like GoDaddy, 1and1 seriously limits your FTP connections and they regularly ban my IP when I do nothing more than try to edit two files at once over FTP.



Do they support Drupal 6? I have drupal 5.7 on frihost.com and it has everything I need, but Drupal 6 needs the latest MySQL, php...

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Drupal 6

You can run Drupal 6 on Site5. They also have a money-back guarantee...

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