Drupal's Twitter Module Test

I've added this site to Twitter at http://twitter.com/webmastertips.

Drupal has a Twitter Module, but it doesn't come with any documentation. This post is a first test of Drupal's Twitter Module on this site. If it works, I'll follow up on this post.

UPDATE: The Twitter Module for Drupal works. Here is some documentation for it:

  1. Download the Twitter Module from Drupal.org.
  2. Upload it to your /sites/all/modules/ directory.
  3. Enable the module in your Drupal admin section.
  4. Click on My account in your navigation menu and then on the edit tab.
  5. Enter your Twitter username and password, and the text format like this:
    Adding Drupal posts to Twitter

Once you have followed those five steps, every time you post to your Drupal site from that user account it will add the post to your Twitter account.

An alternate method for auto-posting to Twitter that I prefer is Twitterfeed. The difference between the Drupal Twitter module and Twitterfeed is that the Drupal module allows all your users to post their own content to their own Twitter profile. Twitterfeed is a 3rd party service that has to be manually setup for each feed.

By the way, check out this comparison of icons from Drupal (top) and Twitter (bottom).

twitter drop or cloud



Yes very helpful

Thank you for posting this. You are right there is no documentation at all with the module.

Question though - will this work if I am just testing it from my desktop config or does it have to be on a live domain in order for it to work? I can't get it to even accept my Twitter username and password in the "Twitter Acct" setup area. http://twitter.com/SEO_Web_Design

I was also wondering if maybe the underscores in my Twitter usernname had something to do with it.

Thank you!
Jim Summer
Jacksonville, FL


When the module script creates the database it needs a default value for the column 'last_refresh' in the 'twitter_account' table. So when you follow your steps, it populates 2 of the 3 tables and throws an error and aborts the INSERT on the 3rd table... leaving you with a blank form.

To Fix:

  1. In the 'twitter_account' table, set the field 'last_refresh' to 0 or 1
  2. Empty the 3 twitter related tables (all 3 start with 'twitter') in mysql db to clear out any previous attempts at creating a user
  3. Go through your steps listed in your tutorial to create a user
  4. It works!

Thank you,
Jim Summer
Jacksonville, FL

Can't add my twitter account.

I follow the steps to add, and once I get through them, an account shows up in the list, but it has no name, and I can't post my nodes to twitter. Maybe someone could email me some steps on this. i have taken a screenshot and nested it within this page: http://www.irishninjas.com/node/18
Anyone who can help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

I found your page through the issue you posted... well done on two counts! Granted, it should be easy to use, but I got hung up when I didn't see anything on my Twitter tab in my account. Your post cleared it up for me... working fine now. Thanks again for taking the time.

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