Emacs HTML Helper Mode Demonstration

GNU Emacs is a free editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and many other operating systems, including Microsoft Windows.

Emacs can be frustrating to learn, but after forcing myself to use it for a while it became much faster to use than other text editors. It doesn't work like other text editors like Windows Notepad, or GNOME's gedit. You get a lot of power to move around and manipulate text with keyboard commands. You can use Emacs Lisp to add new features to the editor. The Emacs manual is something like 600 pages. I haven't read all 600 pages yet, but there is some good information in there.

The best way to learn Emacs is to start using it for everything. Keep your favorite Emacs cheatsheet next to your computer for reference. Learn the keyboard shortcuts and use the mouse as little as possible.

I found the book Learning GNU Emacs to be helpful, although I only read sections of it. [BTW, you can read it online with a free 14-day trial to Safari [aff].]

Here is a quick demo of HTML Helper Mode for Emacs. HTML Helper Mode gives you a lot of help when working with HTML. You can insert HTML markup with just a few keystrokes. If you forget the keyboard shortcuts, you can also look them up in the Emacs menu while you are working.

Here is a quick demo that I made with Wink. If it has already played through, you can start it again with the control on the bottom left. (I haven't figured out how to keep Flash movies from automatically playing yet.)

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