Firefox Browser

Firefox Web Browser

Why Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser and it makes a great replacement for Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netscape, or whatever other browser you might be using. Firefox is the best web browser for the following reasons:

  • Firefox is free and has no advertisements.
  • Firefox is open source. That means that you are allowed to look at the computer code behind it.
  • Firefox runs on all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Firefox is more powerful and more secure than Internet Explorer.
  • Firefox has extensions that can be added to increase its functionality. You can even write new extensions to customize the browser and add whatever new features you want.

Firefox was PC World Magazine's product of the year, ranked in Forbes Magazine Best of the Web, and is an Editors' Choice in PC Magazine.

How to Get Started With Firefox

Firefox -- Download Firefox web browser. When it is downloaded, just double-click on the file and it will be installed.
Firefox FAQ -- Frequently asked questions about Firefox.
Firefox Tutorial -- Step-by-step guide on how to install and use Firefox. Installing Firefox is very simple and you don't need to read this tutorial beforehand unless you want detailed guidance.
Tweak Firefox -- A site about how to customize the Firefox web browser.

Firefox Extensions

Firefox has many great extensions that you can get for free. Extensions are what make Firefox such a great browser. If you can't find an extension that does what you want you can even write your own. I've listed a few of the best ones below. It is very easy to get addicted to installing new extensions!

Firefox extension chaos
Web Developer Toolbar
This is an essential tool for all people who make web sites. It has many useful features such as outlining table cells and other elements, the ability to edit CSS directly while viewing a page in the browser, validating HTML, CSS, and links with one click, and much more. Highly recommended.
Sage News Reader
An RSS news reader for Firefox that feeds news or website content headlines directly into the browser. RSS will be very popular in the future and this is an easy way to get started with it. You can use it with sites like BBC news, Craig's List, and many others. See the Firefox RSS page for more information about Firefox and RSS.
IE View
This is an essential Firefox extension. Firefox will display most web pages better than Internet Explorer. But there are still a small number of web sites out there that will only display in Internet Explorer. This extension will allow you to right-click on a web page and instantly open it in Internet Explorer if needed.
This is a highly recommended extension. If you hate seeing animated ads and Flash advertisements just download this extension and it will allow you to permanently block annoying ads (for example, in your email inbox).
Tabbrowser Preferences
This is a good extension that gives you increased options for tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing is one of the great advantages of Firefox over Internet Explorer. It means that you can open up multiple web pages inside of one browser and quickly switch between them. To open a new empty tab in Firefox, press CTRL-t. To open a link in a new tab in Firefox, middle click on it or hold down the CTRL key when you click. To quickly move between tabs, use CTRL-Tab (forwards) and CTRL-Shift-Tab (backwards). To quickly close a Firefox tab, use CTRL-w. Once you get used to tabbed browsing you won't be able to go back.
Customize Google
This is a new extension that changes the Google search page. It adds links so that you can search other search engines with the same query. It can anonymize your Google userID (a non-expiring cookie that Google uses to track your searches on the Internet and build a profile about you). Also see the extension's homepage at
This useful extension allows you to bypass compulsory web site registration at sites like the New York Times and other sites that require you to give your email address before reading articles. Just install this extension and right click on a form. Also see for more information about how it works.
Other Firefox Extensions
A full list of Firefox extensions can be found here. You can customize the browser however you like.

The Firemonger Project

The Firemonger Project is a free CD that you can download. It contains the Firefox browser, the Thunderbird mail client, many extensions and themes, and a beginner's manual. It contains everything you need to get started with Firefox.

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