Adobe Macromedia Flash Cookies Should Be ABOLISHED

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It is outrageous that Adobe requires us to go over to their website and let them muck around on our own hard drive before we can DISABLE the secret, hidden, surrpetitious Flash Cookies that websites put onto our machines by virtue of visiting them, totally unbeknownst to us. (Note: These Flash Cookies NEVER expire and some of them even contain the NAME OF YOUR COMPUTER and the FILE PATH/DIRECTORIES of certain files! These cookies are SHARED ACROSS DOMAINS, without our knowledge or permission.)

Even after cowtowing to Adobe's heavyhanded demands, once we DELETED a bunch of Flash Cookies, the setting to DENY Flash Cookies somehow "miraculously" disappeared, so all Flash Cookies started appearing again on our hard drive. This is an outrage.

Recommend that everyone who prefers self-sovereignty and mastery over their own computers WRITE or CALL ADOBE and COMPLAIN LOUDLY about these secret snoop cookies and DEMAND that they create a patch or updated Flash Player that permits the end-user to SET THE DENY COOKIES SETTING ON OUR OWN HARD DRIVES and LEAVE IT THERE.

Thanks for listening.

MAXA Cookie Manager Detects Flash Player Cookies

Post Script:
The German MAXA Cookie Manager will detect Flash Cookies (as well as others) on your hard drive, but if you want it to delete the cookies (and do other functions), you have to buy it. Costs about $35.00.

We should not have to buy software to try to reclaim our privacy because a software vendor like Adobe/Macromedia has secretly RIGGED THEIR PRODUCT to snoop on us, behind our backs, without our knowledge or permission.

Remember Real Player and other things like the Pentium chip that caused such an OUTRAGE due to spying on end-users? We need a little more OUTRAGE right now, to stop Adobe/Macromedia from this secretly spying on us. Hope everyone will express their outrage to Adobe and help spread the word on this.

And if you think it's not very important whether those Flash Cookies are on your machine or not, consider the fact that within the past week, Google was Court-ordered to hand over its records on which videos you've been watching on YOUTUBE!

We don't need this level of DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE in America, and we all should be adamant about that.

Thanks again for your attention.

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