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I am building a section of this site about using open-source software for SEO. I've mentioned the subject of GNU/Linux and SEO a few times in posts scattered throughout this blog, but I would like to organize the information in an easy to navigation reference.

Note: I don't think there is any SEO software made specifically for Linux, but if you have a dual-boot system or run Windows in a virtual machine, try SEO Elite.

GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, UNIX, Windows

Most of these SEO techniques will work on any major operating system, even Windows to some extent, but I am most familiar with Linux and I'm only sure that these will work in Linux. I highly recommend using a unix-based operating system for these tutorials. Windows is not ideal for these tasks, even with Cygwin. In a worst-case scenario, you could get away with running Linux inside of Windows with QEMU or VMware.

This is only the beginning of a large resource that I am writing on using GNU/Linux for SEO. If you would like to add GNU/Linux SEO recipes and scripts, leave a comment, or send me an email.

If this is your first time in the terminal, check out my earlier Learning the GNU/Linux Command Line tutorial, the GNU/Linux terminal tips, and the GNU SEO Tools tutorial.

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