Google Docs at #2 in Google for "Ringtones"


I was shown an interesting search result a couple of days ago.

Here are the Google results for the keyword ringtones from January 16, 2007 — notice that the #2 result is Google Docs:

Google Docs at #2 for ringtones

Clicking on the link takes one to the Google Docs page shown below:

Google Docs page about ringtones

This subdomain of the PR10 site is ranking very well for its keyword. It's main outbound link goes to a page on a subdomain of — the ringtones page shown below:

The page on ringtones

The page uses JavaScript to load more JavaScript from a domain called That extra JavaScript redirects to, a page full of PPC ads as shown below:

PPC ads for a spammer was registered December 6, 2006 to someone with a Chinese address.

The keyword ringtones is often filled with spam, but this case is especially interesting because it's located on a subomain.

When I was first shown this spam, Yahoo SiteExplorer did not show any backlinks for the Google Docs page. Today, January 20th, 2007, Yahoo SiteExplorer shows 6,583 backlinks to that Google Docs page (including the link from my site), and Altavista shows 11,300 backlinks to that page. It looks like someone used a script to put comment spam in Gallery site and other locations to build up massive link popularity.

For more on Google and ringtones, see the newer post called Google Takes a Dive.


google docs = duplicate content

We are trying out google docs to manage content for our clients however I'm concerned that if google is indexing these google doc pages, where we have placed 'original content' will this now be penalised as duplicate content??

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Google Docs and Duplicate Content

Does the content also exist on the clients' own Web pages?

Have you tried tools like Basecamp or, ActiveCollab?

I've tried Basecamp, Activecollab, and Goplan and I've gone back to Basecamp.

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