Google Privacy Brainwashing Video


Google posted a video on their blog called "Privacy, Plain and Simple". I've embedded the video below so you can see it before reading my criticism of it:

So they have quickly explained:

  • Queries
  • IP addresses
  • Cookies
  • Logs

They did not really explain all of the ways that Google can track you. I would have liked to see them address:

  • Data mining
  • The length that the Google Cookie is stored.
  • The way users can be tracked when they are logged into their Google Account (e.g., Gmail).
  • The Google Web search history.
  • The theoretical ability of Google to track you away from through Google Analytics, Adwords or Doubleclick, YouTube, and other ways that Google may be able to track people across the Web.
  • They should also talk about Google Desktop and the upcoming G Drive where you may be able to store your entire hard drive on Google's servers...

Google is not really addressing their privacy policy issues with that simple video...

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