Pubcon #1 for robots.txt in Google


I was shown a very unusual result in the Google SERPs today. Take a look at what the number one site is in Google for the query "robots.txt":

Google SERPs Pubcon #1 for robots.txt does not mention the word robots.txt anywhere in the document and looks like a highly unnatural result for the query.

Here is a screenshot of the homepage with nothing about robots.txt on the page: home page - no robots.txt anywhere

What was the previous #1 result for robots.txt? Was the old #1 result in Google redirected to Pubcon?

It is interesting that is the #1 result for robots.txt, because Webmaster World is also associated with a famous PageRank 6 robots.txt file. is also famous for search engine cloaking, and clogging up the Google SERPs for tech-related queries with login screens.

Does anyone know the answer to the puzzle of how Pubcon got the #1 spot in Google for robots.txt? What was the original #1 result for robots.txt, and is there a 301 redirect involved?


Pubcon #1 for robots.txt in Google

And it still is one page 1 with a second position. How strange!

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