Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Not Evil


Because SEO has been abused by many people, it is often perceived as being an unwholesome pursuit. SEOs are associated with search engine cloaking, deceptive JavaScript redirects, hidden text, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, link farms, and other practices designed to manipulate search engine results.

Not all SEO is like that. Legitimate businesses need to optimize their sites for search engines in order to be competitive online. Every day I come across legitimate business Web sites that will never rank well in search engines in their current form. Many Web designers/developers have no concept of how search engines work, and they accidentally create sites that will never rank well no matter how good they look.

The concepts explained in this tutorial relate to on-site optimization — that is, fixing problems that search engines may be encountering when crawling a Web site. Search engines are machines and they see Web sites much differently than humans. These techniques will give information about how search engines are seeing a Web site.

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