Vista Sucks - a Microsoft-Platform Developer Speaks

Tags: has a couple of articles about how "Vista Sucks".

I think that it's interesting when a developer on Microsoft platforms like ASP.NET comes out and says things like:

"This is about the best way to describe my experience with Vista: it simply sucks!"

In a later post the author writes about his further experiments with Windows Vista:

"For the record, I’m on my fourth (!) reinstall. Since my previous post, Vista committed seppuku [ritual suicide] twice which warranted reinstallation."

He also went on to say:

"Another shock for me was the price. I get my stuff with the MSDN subscription, so I didn’t realize how badly overpriced Vista was. When I walked into Staples the other day and saw Vista boxes lined up by the door, I couldn’t help thinking, OMG! I will never pay this much for a home operating system!"

The comments in the post are also highly critical of Windows Vista. For example:

"Vista is awful. Either Dell sends me a Windows XP system CD or I send back my new notebook for a refund. I wasn't even given the option to choose Windows XP. My only choices were different flavors of Vista. Why the heck did I get a brand new notebook? So that it would crawl as slowly as my old machine?!

There's a reason why many techies hate Microsoft."

I tried Vista in BestBuy recently. I didn't see the point of upgrading from XP (although I rarely even use XP anymore). Vista looks like XP except flashier. Why give up stability for flash? A Mac already has the features of Vista without the bugs. Ubuntu is Free...

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