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E Text Editor - Textmate on Windows? (and Linux)

A good text editor is an essential tool for people who write a lot of text or code. After a long search for the perfect editor, including jEdit, Emacs, SciTE and others, I've settled on Vim.

Last night I found out about a new editor that looks promising.

How to Generate a Web Palette From an Image

I was just informed about a great Web design color tool called pic2color. It generates a color palette based on the tones in the image. Here is a screenshot, generating a color palette from a cell phone photo that I used in a previous post:

Image of pic2color palette generator tool

For other similar tools, check out my list of online color tools.

List of Web APIs

I came across a very long list of Web APIs today. Definitely worth checking out for ideas.

Moving Drupal RSS Feeds to Feedburner

I've moved the feed subscriptions over to Feedburner. Your feed readers should automatically be redirected to the new feeds.

If you would like to update your feed readers (not essential), these are the new addresses for the two most popular feeds on this site:

If you notice any problems with the redirection, please let me know.

Instructions for redirecting Drupal feeds to Feedburner can be found here.

Free Photo Gallery Software (PHP, AJAX, Ruby on Rails)

PHP-based Photo Gallery Software


Gallery is the classic free PHP photo album program for web sites. If you don't have a database on your server you can use Gallery 1. Gallery version 2 requires a database. The Gallery web site has a full list of requirements. Gallery can also be integrated into several content management systems, including Drupal.

Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List

Scott Hanselman's blog has a great list of power tools. It looks like most of them are for Windows only, but if you are a Windows user it is a very useful list.

Using Linux for Web Design and Development (Ubuntu)

[Note: to install the following programs on Ubuntu, make sure that you have the Universe repository enabled. You can either use the terminal, or Synaptic. For more information on how to install software on Ubuntu, see this article. Generally you can just type the following in the terminal: sudo apt-get install program.]

Web Design Tips and Tutorials

I found an interesting list of web design links at devlisting.com.

Also check out the excellent reference page, the web developer's handbook, and the accompanying blog.

Emacs HTML Helper Mode Demonstration

GNU Emacs is a free editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and many other operating systems, including Microsoft Windows.

Emacs can be frustrating to learn, but after forcing myself to use it for a while it became much faster to use than other text editors. It doesn't work like other text editors like Windows Notepad, or GNOME's gedit. You get a lot of power to move around and manipulate text with keyboard commands. You can use Emacs Lisp to add new features to the editor. The Emacs manual is something like 600 pages. I haven't read all 600 pages yet, but there is some good information in there.

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